Trail cameras are motioned achieved cameras that are used to capture pictures of wild animals in the outdoors. The idea is that you can set it up in a place where animals are like to be such as a trail and the camera will take the pictures as they pass.

What features in a trail camera should I look for?

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As with anything, features can depend on intended usage.

Beyond the basics of weatherproofing, battery life, onboard storage capacity, the convenience of battery changing, mounting options, etc. I'd consider:

  • Night vision - a lot of animal activity happens at night, so a good night vision camera is key
  • Sensitivity - do you only want big animals, or anything that'll trip a basic PIR switch?
  • Timer mode - to conserve batteries/storage - do you only want the camera to operate between certain hours (sunrise/sunset periods, for example)?
  • Video - do you want moving as well as static pictures?
  • 3G/4G connectivity - automatically upload content to cloud servers?
  • Security - do you need to protect the camera from passers-by/rockfalls/hangry bears?
  • Environmental impact - does the design/colouration/placement of the camera adversely affect subjects or the environment in which it's placed?
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