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Found in the woods next to my home in central Connecticut, USA

Trying to identify, i am putting it on a shelf in my room and would like to know what it is

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    How long is your hand? - size will help rule out animals that are too big or too small. If you have any other photos from other angles and sides, they will help, as will other pieces of skull, skeleton and teeth. So far I would guess mammalian, with a head size around 6 in/15 cm, which could range from fox, dog, young pig or deer, large cat (probably not, these tend to be wide not long an narrow), beaver, porcupine, hare (?), armadillo. – bob1 Oct 19 at 7:35
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    Are there any teeth remaining in the skull? at least the upper ones. On a first look it seems to be a piglet of a wild boar – Akabelle Oct 22 at 10:12
  • I can't say for sure, but my first thought when seeing this photo is that it is not bone, but the stalk (stipe) of a mushroom whose cap has broken off. – cobaltduck Oct 22 at 11:50

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