On longer climbing sessions I like to keep my cell phone close by, but most of the time I have no backpack with me. So I would like to pack the cell phone in a little case that I can put on my climbing harness via a carabiner.

I know some case manufactures that do provide durable small cases, but none with a loop to put your carabiner through.

As it can get pretty rough in the wall, I like this box being durable since it needs to protect my stuff.

What box does work well and has proven to withstand harsh conditions?

Consider that I do not want to wear clothes with pockets.


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One possibility: Check out the home improvement store. Check the tool section. You can get all sorts of attachments for tool belts, including ones to carry things like a cell phone.

They aren't rigid. If rock climbing I'd use this and something like an Otter Case to protect the phone itself. They don't have a ring for a 'biner, but they do have a loop for belt or web sling. You may need to comb out the velcro now and then to get it to secure the flap properly.

Here's 3 from Lowes. enter image description here

Also: the phone itself should have a case or skin that is a bright colour. I read a post on a hiking forum of someone having dropped their phone on some loop trail and were asking for people to keep an eye out for it. Finding a black rectangle on a trail with lots of basalt (dark grey) rocks. I have a hot pink skin on my iPhone that has helped me find it several times.

If you don't have pockets or a backpack, how do you carry lunch, snacks, a windbreaker for when you're on belay...?


Pelican makes small cases for electronics. There is likely something of a size to do what you want.

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