I'm looking for a decent source to know winter road conditions for various Adirondacks access roads.

First level of interest would be just what is or isn't being maintained.

A better yet answer would be something that gives me info about current state.

Any good source? I'm not looking for a particular road at this point, looking at a lot of things to potentially explore this winter, and road access or not may influence what I end up doing.


  • Is there more to "the Adirondacks" than the Adirondack State Park? If you're only talking about the park, then probably the best source would be to directly contact the regional park office, the park police, or the regional office for the department of environmental conservation (looking at their websites I'm having a hard time figuring out which one). – csk Jan 14 at 19:14
  • Interested in a bit of everything really, but the High Peaks would be interested among others. – Francky_V Jan 16 at 2:44

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