So I'm planning this circular walk around London using the M25 orbital as a guidance and starting at Heathrow Airport. However, there's an issue towards the start of the walk where there's a footpath up to where the A40/Oxford Road up to where it meets Tatling End, and then it just disappears as you get to the A413/Amersham Road. Would it be safe to walk along the edge of this road, or would it be safer to find an alternative route?

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  • It looks possible to avoid it on smaller roads, but they might not be much better. I'll look on street view later if no one else does first – Chris H Jun 27 at 15:29
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    From looking at street view: there's a layby/track from the M25 underpass to the sewage works, but crossing the dual carriageway after that looks risky (perfectly legal, and there's even a sign on the A413 warning of horse riders as the bridleway merges from the north, but I still wouldn't fancy it myself). It looks much safer to take a small detour through Denham, to me. – Bristol Jun 27 at 16:18
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    A circular walk near the 117-mile M25 orbital route around London is quite an undertaking. FYI there is a documented 78-mile circular route further in. Capital Ring Walk. – Weather Vane Jun 27 at 20:54
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    Have you looked at the London LOOP walk en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Outer_Orbital_Path? This is an established route which follows roughly the M25. For the section near Heathrow this follows the Grand Union Canal, just East of Denham. – aucuparia Jun 30 at 7:47

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