When I wear ice skates I have a supination problem issue. This means that my feet are slightly bent outside while I skate.

This causes imbalances, problems of stability, pain on longer rides. Then to compensate it I have to bend my knees quite inward, and this it's not so healthy for my joints.

I solved my problem in inline skating buying a pair of skates that allow lateral adjustment and adding also shims/wedges between the boot and the frame.

Searching between the ice skating available on the market seems to me that there are no ice skates that allow lateral adjustment and the blade it's always fixed with the boot.

Do you have any advice about how can I solve my problem?

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  • How well do the boots you're using fit? (Or are you using rental skates?) Sep 26 '20 at 20:59
  • At the moment rented. I'asking this question because I want to buy them. Sep 27 '20 at 8:49

High quality ice skates are usually bought in two parts: the boots and the blades. The blades are put on the boots by either the seller of the skates or by a technician at a rink which has a substantial figure skating clientele. Such an ensemble cost me several hundred dollars when I bought my last pair of ice skates 25 to 30 years ago. (I think about $300.) You try on the combination, and if it doesn't feel right, the technician will adjust the blade/boot interface until it does. Source: Myself, who has bought several pairs of skates this way.

Whether the seller or the technician can address your problem in this way, I do not know.

Addendum in response to comment by the OP: The skates I mentioned in my answer are expensive, and it makes sense that you are reluctant to gamble. I agree that my answer is incomplete, with reference to your question. About all I can say is that buying boots and blades separately from a pro shop where you can discuss your requirements with an actual person is the place to start, not end. The pro-shop fitter may be able to suggest a solution than does not involve buying expensive skates. The ones I have known took pride in solving problems and making their skaters happy. (But that was a long time ago.)

  • Do you mean that if boots and blades are separate in two parts are they always lateral adjustable? I wasted hours checking on internet ice skates with lateral adjustment features and I didn't found any. In inline skating searching for lateral adjustable I can find some. And this is how I pick the inline skates I use. I don't want to risk buying an expensive pair of ice skates and waste my money because I can't adapt them to my feet. Oct 1 '20 at 9:19
  • Don't know if this is full-answer worthy or not, but I had the same issues you're having (yes, it was quite bad) but it was purely down to using badly fitting skates. So it's possible you might not need any adjustment Oct 20 '20 at 9:06

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