I did ski-touring in the past with a small backpack (10 kg); it was fun. I have recently done a short ski tour with a heavy backpack (20 kg, including camping gear); it was pretty much pure suffering on the way down. I was falling all the time - I couldn't do turns on any significant downhill slope, so had to look for alternative paths, where you don't need to turn so much. I would rather walk downhill, but I was hoping that somehow I'd finally "figure it out"; it didn't happen.

Is there any specific technique I should employ for such downhill skiing? Or maybe specific equipment?

  • Equipment: gear sled, like this perhaps. But that would require two people for downhill sking. – Tomas By Feb 21 at 20:16

There is no special technique, there is only practice. Make sure you have a good technique without and with a small backpack. Slowly increase the size and weight of your backpack to get adapted to the additional load. The basic technique of skiing stays the same.

There is however some measures to help with the backpack:

  • Pack it properly. Heavy stuff should be at middle height and close to your back to help with your balance
  • Make sure there is no ropes, etc dangling around at the outside. Fix such things properly or pack them inside if possible
  • Make sure your backpack is fixed tight. The more it moves, the more it moves different to your body
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    It might also help to load some of the weight on the front, so your center of balance is more directly over your legs. (You can see some examples here or search "front pack" and "chest pack".) – csk Feb 22 at 20:16

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