Where can I find a collaborative wiki-style map of dive sites focused on comprehensiveness, not on "top destinations"? Google searching yielded surprisingly poor results.

The best I've found so far is Dive Buddy, but I can't figure out for example where they place Turtle Canyon. If I expand the map section, none of the pins reads "Turtle Canyon" when I click on it.

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    I can't answer your question about other sites, but regarding Turtle Canyon: it looks like there's just some strange bug affecting that site in particular, causing the pin to be invisible. If you open the map from one of the nearby sites (e.g. Baboon's nose reef dive), there is a pin for Turtle Canyon. The map for Turtle Canyon seems to be centred exactly on its location, the pin just doesn't appear for some reason when looking at the page for that specific site.
    – Chris H
    Apr 8 at 8:06
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PADI maintains a map of diving sites, but it doesn't seem very collaborative (except that you can leave reviews, yet there aren't any for Oahu), and it has far fewer sites than Dive Buddy.

PADI dive sites vs. Dive Buddy


There are two collaborative mapping web sites/apps for locations and trips for paddle sports – canoe, kayak, SUP, etc – that appear to be close to, but not explicitly for, diving.

Perhaps with enough agitation and cooperation from the diving community, they may be open to either expanding their "trip types" to include Diving or to somehow offering a sister tool for listing diving sites.

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