I recently moved to Seattle from the bay area. Does anyone have any recommendations on climbing areas close to Seattle. I know of Index, but I have heard it's pretty hard. I am more of a beginner.

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Yes, Agree with that, Index is the place be for high-quality trad on this side of the mountain. There is some trad in north bend, not with the best quality but yes exist. There are a couple of moderate lines at Exit 32 and also at Exit 38. Some from Exit 32 - Repo Climbing wall, and in Exit 38 - Peannacle Climbing Wall, Shangri La Climbing


You will find this blog useful. https://www.miyaradventures.com/blog/guide-to-seattle-rock-climbing-and-courses/

It has a list of the rock climbing areas close to Seattle along with some general info/guidebooks.

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    Hi Mark, and welcome to TGO. To improve your answer consider adding a summary of some of the key points from the blog post you link. This way your answer is self-contained. Who knows what will happen to the blog down the road, so it is always good to have the relevant answer immortalized on TGO directly.
    – noah
    Sep 22, 2021 at 21:14
  • Thank you, Mark. That link is indeed very helpful. I went to exit 38 today and found some good climbs. Rock is very slippery though. Sep 25, 2021 at 22:21

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