I live in Lubbock, Texas and have never seen a tick in my life. I just moved to a town house that is more outside of town, so there are several cotton fields close by. I have a small dog who is on flea and tick guard, but we haven't been anywhere recently. I found it on my bed which my dog gets on too. It was moving really fast like a spider, but I can't tell after researching and looking at pictures. Is it a tick? And if so what do I do since it was in my house on my bed?? I am PANICKINGenter image description here


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This is a tick. Spiders have two distinct body parts (thorax and abdomen) as well as a fifth pair of appendages called pedipalps near the head. On a spider you might also notice spinnerets at the rear end.

@bob1 offers a better breakdown here: Is this tick or spider?

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