I bought a 4-person inflatable boat (around $600). I would like to equip that with a 4HP 4-Stroke outboard motor. I'm not sure if I need a licence for that in Ontario, Canada. In addition, I believe this is more of a toy than a boat, so is this the same "Inflatable boat" that is addressed on some internet pages?

enter image description here

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    Which internet pages?
    – Chenmunka
    Mar 23 at 22:00
  • Not a real answer, but for 600$ I'd expect something more than a toy.
    – fgysin
    Mar 24 at 6:33
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    It's not much more than a toy, you'd have to be careful how powerful an engine you fitted, but it can be done using standard off the shelf fittings.
    – Separatrix
    Mar 24 at 10:17
  • @WeatherVane Please post your comment if you want, I want to tag it as the answer!
    – Mironline
    Mar 24 at 13:26
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    I'd be careful about where you take it. Anything other than flatwater and you'll run into issues, motor or not. $600 is dirt cheap for a raft. It shouldn't be used on whitewater or in the ocean. It is definitely more of a toy than a boat. Have fun, but be smart and safe using appropriate gear for the task.
    – noah
    Mar 24 at 17:07

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This Government of Canada website says:

Licensing a pleasure craft

A vessel used for pleasure, recreation, or daily living is a pleasure craft.

Determining whether a Pleasure Craft Licence is required

Every pleasure craft must have a Pleasure Craft Licence, with the following exceptions:

  • a pleasure craft using a motor with less than 10 horsepower (7.5 kW)
  • a pleasure craft that has a vessel registration
  • a pleasure craft that was purchased less than 90 days previously (this is a grace period, during which the new owner must carry documentation with their name and address and the purchase date)

So the answer looks like "No, you do not need a licence".


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