From https://bnadventure.com/self-guided-tour-in-the-peaks-of-the-balkans/:

The trail avoids the classic peaks of the Balkans trail as the situation in the mountains has changed since the trail was established. This itinerary takes that into account and provides the best views and best experience.

That sounds like there may be a problem with the classic peaks of the Balkans trail. How has the situation changed? Has the trail been abandoned in parts? Is it the opposite problem and is it too busy? Has it been blocked or made less interesting by new developments? Or is there not actually much of a problem at all?

  • "the situation in the mountains has changed since the trail was established". I suspect this suggests political tensions, or claims of ownership/border disputes. From your source: "This itinerary takes a shortcut from Albania to Montenegro, cutting out Kosovo and Doberdol." Kosovo has had a contentious separation from Serbia relatively recently. But this is just supposition, so not an answer. Likewise, I'd imagine tours, especially self-guided ones, in the Himalayas avoid the disputed section of the China-India border, for example.
    – sharur
    Apr 24 at 9:25
  • The Kosovo separation from Serbia was 14 years ago (2008), whereas the trail is quite recent, probably newer than that. So although it could be that it's due to political developments, those would be developments much more recently than Kosovo independence.
    – gerrit
    Apr 25 at 11:11


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