I stumbled onto a Reddit post that has some tips for dealing with poison ivy rashes: Poison ivy between my fingers. I'm considering amputation at this point.

In that post, lots of people seem to swear by a product called Zanfel. And also a different product called Tecnu (to a lesser degree).

Those products sound promising. I tried searching google.ca (Canada filter) to see if any Canadian stores carry those products. But I didn't find much.

Where can I find products like Zanfel, Tecnu, or an equivalent product, in brick-and-mortar stores in Ontario?

  • Active ingredients is more likely - anionic detergent (lauroyl sarcosinate or octylphenoxy-polythoxethanol +/- mineral spirits in these cases), surfactant (nonoxyenol-9, soap) and something to physically remove the urushiol (polyethylene granules) seem to be the components, but what mix you would need is another question.
    – bob1
    Jun 18, 2023 at 4:23


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