I want to fish for rainbow trout in a lake called Mair Lake on Crown land in eastern Ontario:

enter image description here

Map source: Fish ON-Line


  1. Lake width: 1 km wide (0.6 miles)

  2. Max depth: 53 metres (175 ft).
    Here's a bathymetry map (units: feet):

    enter image description here

  3. Geography: The shoreline appears to be a mixture of shallow areas (possibly sandy) and very deep areas (presumably rocky) (units: metres): enter image description here Google Image search has some photos of the shoreline too.

  4. Timing: I haven't been to this lake yet, as it is fairly remote. But I plan to be in the area soon (mid-September, 2023).

  5. Access: I can use a boat or a canoe. There are campsites along the shore for shore fishing, too.

  6. Stocking: According to Fish ON-Line, the lake has been stocked with rainbow trout from 2013 to the present (2023):

    enter image description here

  7. For what it's worth, I found a picture on anglersatlas.com (and a bathymetry map) from someone who caught a large rainbow trout on Mair Lake in December 2018. I've tried contacting that person.


What techniques should I use when fishing for rainbow trout in such a lake? I've done lots of basic fishing with a worm/bobber/hook. But not much else; I haven't fished for trout.

For example, do rainbow trout go deep at this time of year in this climate? Should I use a spoon lure or live bait?

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Beautiful area and picturesque lake for boat-in camping. But good luck trying to catch a Rainbow Trout. Three of us camped there for 3 full days a week ago (14,15,16 Sept 2023) and didn't get even a bite. We initially trolled with lures and then resorted to live bait minnows and worms (we'd brought along a minnow trap and a shovel) but still came up empty handed. Others in boats out on the lake weren't getting any bites either. I suspect increased traffic as a consequence of the pandemic stay-at-home directives brought out many more fishermen over the past few years than there are stocked trout in the lake! There are perch and sunfish there though if wetting a line is all you're seeking to do.

  • Are you one of the guys I talked to on the morning of Thurs, Sept 14th? I had a white truck, an aluminum boat/trailer (but I didn't use it), and a red canoe. I didn't catch anything either, but I only tried for half a day.
    – User1974
    Sep 25, 2023 at 15:00

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