I have a 6 persons Ozark tent model WT101310 , I need all the poles I have the part numbers but i can't find them, does any one knows the size of the replacement poles , the parts number are

fiberglass tent pole main part no. HFP 11-622F fiberglass fly pole part no. HFP 6.3-183t

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    Have you tried contacting Ozark's customer support?
    – bob1
    Apr 3 at 0:54
  • if you have the length and diameter of the poles, you should be able to replace them with generic parts
    – njzk2
    Apr 8 at 19:34
  • Appears to be a duplicate of outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/29678/good-tent-no-poles ? Between the two of you, can you build a complete, single question?
    – Martin F
    May 2 at 19:44


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