In 2009 I successfully completed the AFF course, after a stop due to the birth of my son I'm going to resume regular activity.

I currently have 31 jumps, all carried out by renting the equipment, and now I want to buy my own equipment (parachute).

What equipment would be considered adequate to last two years, expected about 200 jumps? What specifications should I keep in mind while reviewing parachutes?

I would like to hear an opinion different from that given by the school that recommended, among other things, used equipment.

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Your school should have the best knowledge of how you fly, but a good rule of thumb is

  • absolutely no wing-loadings over 1-1 ( wing-loading is Exit weight/ canopy size).

So if you weigh 170, a 190 should be your smallest parachute.

Most beginners buy used - and the classifieds on dropzone.com have lots of stuff for sale. I'd stick with stuff made since the late 90s unless price is a real issue. You definitely want a square main - for example sabre (1/2) pilot triathlon spectre Safire.

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