Which types of vendors sell multi-mode (adjustable-brightness) flashlights? Both online and offline vendors. Both sellers of new flashlights and used ones.

I know that outdoors stores sell them, but I'm looking for other options; I want to find a vendor closer to home than the nearest outdoors store.


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  • @theJollySin: Good point; thank you. I have added links to some related questions. You may also want to see the choose-a-light checklist then post your own personalized question. As for this question—"What kinds of stores sell multi-mode (adjustable-brightness) flashlights?"—if I may ask, did you upvote or downvote it? :) – unforgettableid Feb 6 '13 at 19:36
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  • Here's the original SO blog post. Trying to define how broad of a scope it needed to be before a shopping question was considered on topic was only going to result in a lot of debate and confused people asking questions, so we made is as black and white as possible. For DIY, we decided "what tool should I get for Y" and "what qualities should I look for when purchasing X" are on topic, but "where can I buy X" and "is there an X with qualities Z" are off topic. – BMitch Feb 7 '13 at 12:14
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