Planning a camping trip for next weekend. It is looking like it may be the end of winter. We have about a foot of snow right now. What problems am I going to run into if the weather is above zero and/or we get some rain?

Anyone have any tips on staying comfortable, happy and dry?

So far on my list:

  • Packing lots of stove fuel so that if making a fire is impossible we can still heat lots of liquid to drink and stay warm
  • Packing two pairs of boots
  • Bringing two tarps so that we can add a tarp under our tent to protect from water. If it rains we will pitch a tarp over our tent and maybe a temporary tarp over us

Other info:

  • Going camping in the forest.
  • 3km hike in
  • Temperature moving around the freezing point
  • Overnight this time but interested in longer trips
  • About a foot of old snow
  • Two people
  • Where are you going? How's the landscape? How's the weather usually this time of year? Mountains? Desert? Forest? For how long? Alone? Drive in? Hike in?
    – slybloty
    Mar 18 '13 at 18:06
  • @slybloty - Updated Mar 18 '13 at 21:25

For a 2 day adventure I wouldn't bring any extra pairs of boots. Just the one wearing. A set of clothes (wearing) and a spare one. Have multiple layers. Hiking in the snow would warm you up good, and you don't wanna be sweating. I'd bring a poncho as well. Good if it rains and to lay on the ground. If you have show shoes, they'd be good as well. Use your sleeping bag to keep your clothes warm over night or dry them if needed. Same with your boots. Winter Camping: How to warm up your boots in the morning?

I'm not sure how the weather can fluctuate there, but here in the Rockies, at about and over 3000m we can have a hot sunny day and a cold stormy night. So, based on what you know about the area, be prepared.

Are you bringing a tent? I never do. If not, your tarp idea is great. Set one on the ground as you said and one on an angle, with the opening towards the fire, if you get one started.

I also recommend to get a fire going. It will warm you up and boost the morale any time. In the forest you can always find wood for a fire.

I always carry my wool blanket with me. It's awesome in the winter. Also, if you have a space blanket, just in case. It is small, fits even in a pocket. I don't know where you live, but you can find one at Walmart for like $2.

As for the stove fuel, I'd say one canister is more than enough for 2 days.

Based on the gear you have and the way you handle the weather you can always make improvements and adjustments. I always like to pack light and effective based on the geographical area.

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