Among the amalgam of guidebooks and maps for the Pacific Crest Trail, which guidebooks and/or maps are be the best contenders to bring on the trail?

Guthook 2010 review is no longer available. It recommended Halfmile maps, which is still available in March, 2018, combined with PocketPCT, which is not available. However, postholer maps are not considered in his review.

Guthook provided an excellent answer to this question. Since it's no longer available, there's no way to know if it still holds true.

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    ppl -- As you can see with Guthook, the problem with this sort of question is the short shelf life. A correct answer today will likely be incorrect by next year. Apr 15, 2013 at 14:42
  • You could perhaps change your question to focus on what resources are available and then future readers can decide for themselves what's best. Still a bit of a time-sensitivity, but not nearly like that of your question's current form.
    – montane
    Apr 22, 2014 at 7:58

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I have used the listed below website for as long as they have been around. They provide very detailed and regularly updated maps from the national survey association. I recommend getting a lamination machine and printing off these maps that are along the trail just before leaving for your trip. The weight is no more than carrying the Guthook book.


Here is a quick video about the site.


I have also never had any issues from them for viruses or malware.

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