Are there any good winter sleeping bags geared towards women who like the color PINK? One that is good for backpacking and for cold (0 degree) temps.

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    At enLIGHTend equipment we can make a quilt for you with a pink shell. We don't have a lot of pink fabric but we have some. -Tim
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    Jan 28, 2014 at 3:23

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A wonderful woman I know has the Habenera bag by REI (link).

It's a warm bag. We've taken it backpacking in the snow and on mountains, and she likes it a lot. It's also a high-quality, light-weight bag. And it's pink.

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If you can settle on purple Nunatak and Feather Friends have good sleeping bags in those colors. One option could be to get a custom made sleeping bag from the cottage industry. Many will accept custom orders although they may not have something available in pink.

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