There is a bit of mold on the sticky side of my mohair climbing skins for my skis. How can I get rid of it?


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Some things I have used to keep my skins in good shape

  1. Use mild detergent to wash the hairs with a sponge
    • Don't get this on the sticky layer
  2. Spray with a 5% bleach solution and let dry, then rinse with water several hours later.
  3. If mildew grows, expose the hair sides to the sun for several hours to a day.
    • UV exposure is very damaging to the mildew causing organisms.
  4. Allow the skins to dry completely before storing over the summer.
  5. Store the skins in a breathable bag, not sealed plastic like a freezer bag.

Best way to keep the mold down...

Get out there and use your skins every few days, and go skiing!

Mold doesn't stand a chance against the granular snow and ice adbraiding the fur for hours on a long ski tour.

Get out there and have a good time.


Bleach or Tilex will get rid of mold, but you should try it on a small piece first to make sure it doesn't ruin the sticky glue.

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