I am an avid air gun shooter, and have been for many years. I recently got rid of most of my air guns, replacing all but one with the Umarex Hämmerli CR 20s. The CR 20s comes with a Walther 3-9x40 scope.

Living in Norway, there are some significant restrictions on firearm ownership, but one of the ways to get around that, is to be a licensed hunter. I will take the requisite course and exam this coming spring, and will be acquiring a rifle after that.

The rifle I am currently looking at is the Tikka T3 Lite .308 (Links version, though I don't suppose that should make any real difference).

I assume it would likely be a bad idea for me to use the scope off the Hämmerli on the Tikka (though I don't know that it would). What I am wondering is why (or if not, why not).

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    I doubt the scope for the Hammerli will be set up to withstand the recoil coming from the .308 so there could be issues with keeping it sighted. Oct 30, 2013 at 18:48
  • The scope is unlikely to be fit for a .308, but would probably work for a .22 or similar. Oct 31, 2013 at 2:26

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Adjustable power scopes are inherently less sturdy than fixed power scopes because they have more moving parts. A .308 has a fair amount of recoil and after repeatedly firing it could shake loose parts in a scope not designed for that purpose. It all depends on the scope, but an airgun scope would likely fail after a while if mounted on a .308.


The issue isn't really variable vs. fixed power - it's whether the scope in question ("Weaver 3-9x40" is probably at least a dozen different scopes) is suitable for a high-power rifle or not.

Most rimfire (and probably air-rifle) scopes are going to have a 30mm or smaller objective; I'd venture to guess that with a 40mm objective, it will be fine on a .308 . A quick email to Weaver support (with your scope model) likely will get you a real answer (as well as advice on what mounts you'll need.)

Happy shooting!

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