I would like to visit northern Chile and particularly the Atacama region. The goal would be to trek in the area, during about 10-12 days. It can be one long route or several shorter ones.

What routes are accessible between mid-April and beginning of March? Any restriction due to the weather conditions?

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Hiking in Northern Chile is difficult because it is a high desert with practically no water.

A possible alternative is to rent a good 4x4 truck in Arica, fill it up with water, food, and fuel for several days and explore the area around Putre (on the border with Peru and Bolivia). If you go solo, bring extra spare tires and a satellite phone (for emergencies) - this is very very remote country.

The landscapes are amazing: cactus forests, geisers, volcanoes, high alti-planos, etc.

We did exactly this back in 2015; for photos see https://www.flickr.com/photos/brijsman/albums/72157661317255934

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    Wow, beautiful photos. Looks like a fantastic place to visit.
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