Are there any trekking maps of Svanetia available abroad? I'd like to purchase the maps before arriving to Georgia.

The preferred map scale is at least 1:50.000, however 1:100.000 would also fit in last resort. It would be at best, if the actual tourist trails (if any) were shown there.

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You have two options:

Georgia trekking maps

Georgia trekking maps covering part of Georgia are available from various international resellers, such as omnimap and amazon. They cover part of the mountains of Georgia, and seem to include the province of Svanetia:

Georgia trekking maps

Genshtab maps

As a former Soviet Union member state, Georgia is well-covered by the Genshtab maps, Soviet military topographic maps. In a scale of 1:50.000, they cover the entire nation. Genshtab maps can be downloaded online, or are for sale from various sources, such as the aforementioned omnimap, or from geostatial.com (quite expensive).

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