Are there any maps available that would be useful for walking off-road in southern spain that I can use with my Garmin etrex vista HCX?

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  • Do you have to use Garmin? If you have a phone with google maps you can use that internationally. GPS isn't using data and if you download the maps you can save it to your device and not worry about data at all.
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I would consider using OSM as they are available for garmin devices.


To add to ppl's reply, Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices

And Ibycus Topo

And GpsFileDepot.

And there's probably more that could be added.


As an extension to Openstreetmap, I recommend Opentopomap. It has the same trail data as Openstreetmap, but adds contour lines, which can be quite handy when hiking.

However, I recommend to never hike on a GPS alone. Bring a paper map from the Spanish IGN. You'll get more overview, and a GPS can break or run out of battery.

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