I have seen a number of hammock posts which replace the traditional tent structure by incorporating a waterproof bivi as top cover.

Have any Outdoors.SE used a system of that description and can they make any recommendations of features I should be looking for?

  • In what circumstances do you want to use it?
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  • Can you lie flat in it?
  • How large/heavy is it?
  • Footbox?
  • Color (stealth camping?)


  • How easy is it to adjust?
  • Can you adjust your hammock to different sags? Do you always want to have the same amount of sag?
  • What is the furthest distance between trees that your suspension can accommodate? This will depend on
    • How much stretch there is in the suspension
    • If you have a structural ridgeline that allow you to get the amount of sag you want while running your ropes closer to horizontal
  • If it rains will water run down your suspension onto your hammock? (Hint - drip lines).
  • Weight/size


  • Choices are typically: Underquilt or sleeping pad for the bottom, sleeping bag or top quilt for the top.
  • Do you want to sleep on the ground if you can't find suitable trees?
  • Typical insulation questions and tradeoffs such as: weight, what temperature range are you targeting?


  • Do you want to use the shelter for other things or sleeping, ie cooking, etc.
  • Small & light
  • Shape?

Bug Protection:

  • How should it attach to the hammock?

Integrated system or separate system?

  • You can sometimes get systems that include insulation/bug netting/hammock in one system.
  • Benefits: Lower cost, comparability
  • Drawbacks: Harder to use pieces independently (day in the park).

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