I think it would be fun to climb all the Munros as a single long distance type route.

The wikipedia page indicates that several people have climbed all the Munros as a continuous round.

Where can I find more information about completing such a challenge?

In particular is there a standard route and how long should I expect to take?

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It would be worth getting a copy of "Hamish's Mountain Walk: The First Traverse of All the Scottish Munros in One Journey" by Hamish Brown.

Hamish Brown was the first to do the Munros on a continuous round.

If a winter attempt interests you (obviously a more serious undertaking), then Martin Moran's The Munros in Winter is also worth getting.

Even if you are not planning on the continuous round, these books are an excellent read.

For a definitive guide on the Munros, then look for The Munros: Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalkers' Guide from the Scottish Mountaineering Club.


There are 282 Munros scattered all over the 30,414 sq mi of Scotland. The average time taken to bag all the Munros is eight years....

The fastest munro bagging is 48 days 12 hours now 39 days, 9 hours. I'd imagine you could probably double this unless your a world renowned fell runner.

There's no standard route to do it all in one go, because very few people try. You're going to need a very understanding boss!

If your after a easier challenge You could try the welsh 3000's (http://www.welsh3000s.co.uk/). 15 peaks in 24 hours.

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    I like how you link to a question that the OP'r was the accepted answer for.
    – ShemSeger
    Nov 14, 2014 at 18:59
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    The record is held by Stephen Pyke and is faster than 48 days. 39 I think.
    – ProfRob
    Oct 24, 2015 at 21:29

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