I'm using a Spyderco Tri-angle sharpmaker to sharpen both a drop-point fixed blade and a folding tanto blade. It has 2 settings:

  1. 2 20 degree sides for a 40 degree working edge
  2. 2 15 degree sides for a 30 degree back bevel

Like it says in the title, is there a particular order I should be grinding the knife?

enter image description here


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You sharpen the secondary / backbevel (the 15 degrees) when you do not get that hair-popping sharpness form the 20 degree angle.

Or you use the 15 degrees to get a knife with a thick bevel to razor-sharpness and then use the 20 degrees afterwards.

I think the CD that comes with the sharpmaker has some more hints. A visual for your target bevel from spyderco: http://www.spyderco.com/edge-u-cation/index.php?item=20

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