A long time ago when I was about 10 I went potholing on a school trip in Devon, and despite mild claustrophobia I found myself eventually enjoying it - egged on brilliantly by my friends. I hadn't thought about it in years until recently and now I'm curious, as a beginner:

Where are good places in the UK to go potholing^, either experienced, or with a group for training?

^caving / spelunking

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The main areas for caving in the UK are:

  • The Yorkshire Dales
  • The Peak District
  • South Wales
  • The Mendip Hills (near Bristol)
  • The North Pennines

There are other, smaller areas as well, such as: Forest of Dean, Devon, Barrow in Furness, Assynt (in Scotland).

The UK Caving WIKI has some more information on this.

If you would like to get back into caving, the best bet is to join a caving club.

The British Caving Association's Try Caving website is a very good resource for beginners.

Go on, give it a go! Not all caves are small! For example, near me in the Peak District:

Titan, a shaft in Peak cavern near Castleton, by Robbie Shone

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I recommend the Mendips with an organised group. Could do a morning session in the dry Goatchurch Cavern and an afternoon session in the wet but superb Swildon's Hole. Around there there's loads of other places including Sidcot Swallet with the well-named Lobster Pot (easy to go in and a struggle to get out!).

There are lots of organised companies doing those trips. I've used http://www.caveclimb.com/ who provided excellent guide/instructors. Obviously there's loads of other similar companies.

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