Me and my partner will be spending a week in February in the Lake District, UK (Monday to Friday). We want to get as much walking in as possible and attempt a number of the peaks / ridges. We are very aware that we will find heavy snow and cold temperatures and that crampons / ice axes are recommended for that time of year. Neither of us have experience of using crampons and ice axes.

We've had a look at the local centers who offer courses, and they all offer 2 day courses where they show you how to use the equipment and how to stay safe. However all the courses run at weekends.

Does anybody know of a mid-week course? Or alternatively, does anybody know of a good guide we could hire for a few days to guide us on some of the hikes and show us the techniques along the way?

  • I could of given you details of Snowdonia and Scotland but not the lakes, sorry. This sin't a very good fit for the SE Q&A format either. It's likely to become obsolete very quickly. I would recommend reading the Mountain Leader winter skills book but probably back it up with some practical lessons too. – user2766 Jan 9 '15 at 14:09