I have a damaged pupil that stays partially dilated. And regular polarized sunglasses which I am wearing over the regular glasses aren't working better than my prescription sunglasses. I have a new prescription that includes an extra coating on the polarized lens to make them darker. I haven't received them yet. I think I am looking for sunglasses that are extremely dark. What is available? I do not ski or mountain climb, just everyday stuff. Sunny days are no fun anymore because the sun light even on hazy days is hard on my eye.

Any suggestions?

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These are generally known as glacier glasses. They are rated as Category 4 on the CE scale and you aren't supposed to drive while wearing them.

Sunglasses in Category 4 only transmit 4-8% of available visible light.

Hidalogos sunglass guide has a very complete list of the different factors in choosing sunglasses.

Category 4 come in a wider range of styles than in the past. Julbo in particular makes several models that don't resemble the classic leather side flap models. I can recommend their Zebra photochromic lens, but that may not work for you.

Category 3 might work for you as well, most standard sunglasses are only Category 2. You need to buy "sport" sunglasses to get Category 3 level glasses.

You can get prescription versions of some versions of these sunglasses.


It might be overkill, but welding shops sell (at least) up to #5 shades as lightweight plastic glasses. Kinda ugly and very green, but the way darker than sun glasses. And you can still see the ground in front of you on a sunny day.

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