I just learned about the via ferrata route in Banff on Norquay, but if you don't go with a guide then it's considered trespassing. Are there any via ferrata routes in the Canadian Rockies that are open access?


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  1. Nordegg has a via ferrata that was set up by COE, the owner Mike Adolph "...recommends anyone using the via ferrata to do so through a guide, although if a climber shows up with a helmet and the correct harness and clips, they could go solo."
  2. Mt. Nimbus, BC has a via ferrata run by CMH. CMH says that "while the public could, in theory, access Mt Nimbus, it would be difficult."
  3. CMH also runs a via ferrata in Bugaboos Provincial Park at Trundle Ridge, which in theory is accessible to anyone, but good luck finding it without a guide (and a helicopter).

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