Because I had a major issue with reeky water shoes, I am considering getting different water shoes. I came across some that are nyloprene instead of neoprene. They are not as warm, but in a lot of situations I don't need warm. Say hiking a trail that crosses a river multiple times. Or portaging when I want to get out into the water, wade ashore, portage, and then wade into the water as part of getting back in the boat.

However, if despite being a different material and labelled as quick-dry, they still smell, then I will have gained nothing by getting these shoes. I can't find any claims that they are less smelly. Are they?

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Without further information on the actual fabric makeup of the nyloprene being used by stohlquist it is going to be extremely difficult to properly answer this.

This reason for this is because different companies are making nyloprene in different manners.

As I am sure you know nyloprene is a multi-layer fabric of neoprene and other fabrics, including but not limited to spandex, nylon, and even leather.

You state you can't find any claims that they are less smelly and it is highly unlikely that you will unless stohlquist is willing to disclose the fabric makeup they are using.

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