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What are the easiest methods to carry a backpack when cycling?

This question might be flanked by The Great Outdoors and Bicycles, yet I'll ask. When I am off for a mountain-biking thing, I usually have a backpack with me which contains clothing, medical kit, ...
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Blizzard Chaser: What to take on a 5-hour Blizzard Hike?

Thank you for taking the time to read through this ! I just noticed there is a chance of Blizzard (Winter Storm Jonas) in our region (NY/NJ) and I would like to take this unique opportunity and go ...
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How to carry a bicycle in a canoe?

I am contemplating a river journey from Pittsburgh to the Gulf of Mexico. 981 miles on the Ohio river and 2340 miles on the Mississippi River. The current plan calls for completing the journey in 1 ...
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How much flotation does a canoe need?

Yesterday for the first time I turned my canoe over, then I tried to get back in it. I have been thinking about adding a sail to my canoe and now that I know a bit about sailing, I know I need to ...
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Roof rack system suitable for both bicycle and kayak?

My wife & I are just getting into (non-sea/ocean) kayaking and biking, and we're thinking about ways to transport our equipment on our car. My guess is that once a pair of cross-bars are set up ...
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What attributes should I look for in an inexpensive multi-purpose folding bike?

I have been considering a folding bike, it would be multipurpose, for short rides of 10 miles or less. I think I want multiple gears, as it may be used as part of Canoe Advventures My primary ...
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Flat bottom boat trolling motor power

I am wondering how to estimate the needed motor power for boating upstream on big rivers like, for example, Danube. (mean the bottom to middle part, i.e. where the Danube is wide and "slow"?). To be ...
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Is the ACE 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove too good to be true?

I was looking for a loan on Kiva and found this loan in Lesotho (Africa) The product people are borrowing money for is the ACE 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove which sounds fantastic. It is designed ...
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Looking for cart for standup paddleboard for 1 mile trip, by foot

I am looking for a device for transporting a 12' inflatable, fins-attached SUP ~1 mile by foot or perhaps by bike. I hate the idea of inflation/deflation. I would appreciate whatever insights you have ...
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How many bike paths parallel the Ohio River?

I have a bike and canoe combination that I have been using to explore rivers in my area that have public access between the river and the bike path. I tow the canoe up the bike path and paddle back ...
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What are the pros/cons of different types of kayak carts?

I'm looking into kayak carts and noticed there are two basic types - ones which have pins that protrude through the hull using the scupper holes, and others which provide more of a base that the kayak ...
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