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Questions relating to the continent of Africa.

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Do puff adders really not bite you if you step on them?

I had understood the puff adder to be one of the most dangerous snakes in the world; apparently, it kills more than thirty thousand people each year. From which I had concluded that it must be very ...
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How does the howl of a hyena sound like?

I once heard an animal howl at night while camping in Damaraland, Namibia. I never saw the animal. However, I much later stumbled on a webcam footage where some animal (off-camera) sounded exactly the ...
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Eating huntsman spider

Am wondering about this episode, from Timothy Bax, Three Sips of Gin: The three of us had just moved from the bar to an outside courtyard to take advantage of a cool breeze when between us walked ...
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How to avoid dangerous encounters with hippopotamuses?

I'm going on an adventure to Africa next year. We'll be in the savanna and thus I'm wondering how to behave in sight of hippopotamuses. What are the most common mistakes people make around ...
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Climbing Kilimanjaro for a newbie

It looks like I'm going to be living in Nairobi for a few years. Along with all of the other amazing opportunities for adventure around here, there's this giant mountain just over the border. Since I'...
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Kilimanjaro expedition - trousers - softshell vs. gore-tex

I am going on an expedition to Kilimanjaro and I'm going to buy new trousers specifically for this purpose. Some agencies recommend to take soft shell trousers and I'm not sure if it would be the best ...
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Wild camping in subsaharan Africa - madness, blasphemy, or bearable?

What potential dangers / precautions one should take into account when sleeping outside in sub-Saharan Africa? (Let alone countries with unstable political situations.) Just with a sleeping bag, maybe ...
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