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Questions tagged [animal-behaviour]

Questions relating to specific or unusual behaviour shown in animals.

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My bees have a mite infestation but not sure whether they are Varroa Mites

There is a slight infestation of a type of mites (I'm not sure whether they are Varroa Mites). I would like to seek some expert opinion regarding this kind of mites that take over in the bee colony. ...
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What are the effects of introducing raccoons into Germany?

I was reading this answer about how raccoons were introduced into Germany, and after the other questions on this site about the harm caused by non-native species,(grey squirrels, house sparrows, etc), ...
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What (if any) is the empirical evidence for ravens being (a) helpful to humans or (b) helpful to predators preying on humans?

BACKGROUND: I am rereading The Mind of the Raven by Bernd Heinrich, an eminent biologist and naturalist. Edward O. Wilson gave this book an excellent review. Based on his many observations of wild ...
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Can lions hunt on cloudy moonless nights?

Lions have truly remarkable night vision, to the extent that they not only hunt at night, but actually prefer to do so when there is no moon in the sky, because the lack of moonlight makes them nearly ...
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Why are cottontail rabbits smelling through gravel piles?

In one of the gravel parking lots I pass on my way to work there are a number of cotton tail rabbits that hang out there. At one end of parking lot there is piled up gravel from all of the plowing ...
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Will bobcats climb cacti when not in fear of their lives?

There are pictures of bobcats climbing on top of really tall cacti, the one story I read says that the reason the bobcat climbed the tree was to get away from a mountian lion who was trying give it a ...
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