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Questions tagged [animals]

Questions about animals likely to be encountered outdoors, whether from the perspective of food (hunting, preparing, eating); shelter (skinning); avoidance (bears, lions, other dangerous animals); enjoyment (bird and other animal watching, care, understanding of behavior).

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Nepali / India bioacoustics hiking

Has anyone recorded animal sounds while trekking the Annapurna trail (Nepal) or in Ladakh (India)? If so, where are the richest acoustic areas?
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Strange nocturnal animal sounds in Massachusetts

My husband and I were woken last night by animal sounds we've never heard before. We live in MA on the border of NH by wetlands. It sounded like a group of animals, at least 3. Their sound started ...
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Density of game trails in old-growth forest

In old growth forest, that has large animals like deer, bears etc., specifically in the wildest areas of Pennsylvania (though if estimates are available for other areas with some similarities, I will ...
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no weapons Fighting large cat with bare hands

Recently there was a news article about a Colorado jogger who was attacked by a mountain lion and killed the mountain lion with their hands (ie, no weapon). What are the effective ways, with no ...
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Can lions hunt on cloudy moonless nights?

Lions have truly remarkable night vision, to the extent that they not only hunt at night, but actually prefer to do so when there is no moon in the sky, because the lack of moonlight makes them nearly ...
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