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Ant (?) with black abdomen with white dots, and dark red thorax, black head

A few days ago, in South Africa (specifically in the Abelana Game Reserve), I filmed something that I think it's an insect (I counted six legs), specifically an ant (just because the shape is similar ...
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How to win against ants

I’m adapting to long-term lifestyle of outdoor living, and getting constantly assaulted by this or that type of bug has been a major issue. Sleeping in a tent has thwarted most my opposition at this ...
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How to check whether a tent is prone to ants eating holes in tents?

Our tent was featured as ants free thanks to protective grids. However ants just ate holes in the wall material. Some research shows this is not unusual. Which tent wall material do I need to ...
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Are all Ants and Termites edible?

Watching wildlife shows you frequently see omnivores (i.e. bears) eating ants and termites. We have the existing Q&A Eating ants/termites on outdoor expeditions explaining that some ants and ...
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Eating ants/termites on outdoor expeditions

Recently on one of the jungle trails we came across a colony of termites and we went ahead and tasted them (Bear Grylls style?). We did the same with the weaver ants which are quite common in the ...
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