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Questions tagged [arctic]

The Arctic is a geographical polar region located at the northernmost part of the Earth, consisting the Arctic Ocean and parts of Alaska, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.

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3 answers

Insurance for expeditions

We plan to cross the Greenland ice sheet next year on skis: duration: roughly 5 weeks no civilization close by Where can we find reputable insurance for such a trip (for Europeans)? We are ...
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Can arctic terns be spotted everywhere?

I’ve come across a lot of resources that highlight the migration routes of these amazing birds, but when it comes to specific locations, I’m coming short on finding the answer. Have these birds been ...
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How can I organise an expedition to the arctic?

As a person who is completely new to the outdoors (e.g. has never been camping), but is fascinated by the arctic and would love to try (at least once) to go on an expedition, what would be advice for ...
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Drawbacks and advantages of using a trimaran instead of a monohull for sailing in the arctic?

Which would be the main advantages and drawbacks of trying to sail a cruising trimaran in summer from the Azores to the Arctic, well past Svalbard but not quite to the pole? From the experienced ...
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How can I keep insulin at the correct temperature in sub zero temperatures?

I am a Type 1 diabetic and aspire to move to the arctic wilderness of Alaska. I can figure out how to maintain enough emergency carb food for survival. The one thing I'm not sure how I will handle ...
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What might being certified as a polar bear guard involve?

I recently talked with a young geologist, some of whose field work is in the Arctic. We mostly talked about the science, but the geologist mentioned being certified (not sure of this word) to act as a ...
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How do people safely trek in polar bear country?

For hiking in polar bear country, this answer cites a page that advices to avoid camping under the stars at all times. Yet people do go trekking on Svalbard, and I don't think the density of huts is ...
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Does camping in polar bear country require someone to keep guard during the night?

Some animals are big and dangerous and, when hungry, may realise that humans contain a pretty decent amount of meat. I've never hiked in such areas, but they do exist. Photo from Wikipedia, CC-BY-SA ...
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