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Questions tagged [b2-boots]

B2 graded boots are winter mountaineering boots. They typically have a stiffer sole than normal walking/trekking boots, are more insulated for use in snow/winter and are designed to take a crampon

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Use of high altitude (8000 M) boots at lower altitudes (6500 M)

On Himalayan climbs, good hiking boots (hard or flex soles) will suffice till base camp. Single boots like La Sportiva Nepal Extreme can suffice (in combination with gaiters) till maybe 6000 M peaks ...
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Why do my Scarpa Phantom Techs boots feel cold even in mild weather?

I have Scarpa Phantom Tech, technical mountaineering / winter climbing boots. They are generally great but I'm experiencing a strange phenomenon: my feet get seriously cold when I stop moving, ...
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B2 boots for narrow feet

I'm looking to get some B2 boots, but am having difficulty getting a good fit. I tried Scarpa Manta's but my heel kept lifting. I think the issue is that my ankles are quite narrow. Does anyone have ...
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Are there B2 alpine boot brands in the UK besides La Sportiva and Scarpa?

I'm looking at buying some B2 rated alpine/winter boots for use with Crampons, etc. I'm trying to avoid paying full price for them (searching ebay, looking for special offers, etc.) as they are ...
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