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Questions tagged [backpacking]

Questions related to backpacking equipment, routes, safety concerns, or issues related to traveling on foot while carrying all of one's equipment (such as accessibility of certain regions to foot travelers, weather affecting backpackers, etc.).

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What are the dimensions of the ladders on the West Coast Trail?

We're training for West Coast Trail, and I'm going to build a ladder to practice going up and down, and I'm curious if anyone knows what the dimensions of the ladder are so I can make an accurate ...
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Are there any durable hiking boots left on the market?

I just had the outer sole of one of my expensive, 22 month old, Hanwag hiking boots completely delaminate from the boot in the middle of a four day backpacking trip on the Olympic coastline. I managed ...
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Why do mosquitos prefer my right arm?

I just got back from a 5-day backpacking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota and the mosquitos were insane. Like a fool I didn't take the reports seriously enough before I went (...
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What is an efficent and effective way to find a reputable private guide for a backpacking trip?

My first question on TGO was about low altitude trips that have the feel of much higher elevations. I asked that question because of the declining physical capacity of my husband. I received ...
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How are backpacking quotas per trailhead in US national parks determined?

Trailheads at some national parks like Yosemite or some wilderness areas will have quotas, with a certain number of permits per trailhead available per day. Usually, the permits are split between ...
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