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Questions about practicing outdoor activities without shoes.

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5 votes
2 answers

Is it unhealthy to wear minimal footwear?

A couple of friends and I have taken up hiking here in South Africa and they're pretty geared up with their ankle guards, and extreme hiking shoes and what not. They've got their hiking underwear and ...
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Vibram FiveFingers or Non-Hiking Boots as a Beginner in Hiking?

I'm very new to/inexperienced at hiking, and I got invited to an impromptu, 7-mile hike tomorrow at Alamere Falls (places online say it's "intermediate difficulty"). I've only gone on what I think are ...
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53 votes
10 answers

What are the dangers of walking barefoot in towns/cities?

I've walked barefoot practically all summer for every summer I can remember. However now that I'm a teenager my Mum is saying I need to wear shoes because of glass, needles, worms and diseases. I have ...
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How to cope with thorns when hiking barefoot?

There are two main factors that cause me to get thorns in the feet when hiking barefoot: Usually, the forest ground consists of many layers - grass, beneath it rotten leaves, beneath it grass roots, ...
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Will barefoot walking harden the skin and help prevent blisters when trekking in heavy shoes?

Blisters are usually happening if you walk much more than you are used to, or the shoes are much harder than those you usually wear. For example on multi-day trekkings in heavy trekking shoes. The ...
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17 votes
9 answers

How to harden feet for walking barefoot on harsh surfaces?

In the past I was only occasionally walking barefoot, on relatively short distances, on the earthy surfaces. But I'd like to train my feet to be able to do much more - including walking on harsh ...
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