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Usually a Lightweight-nylon made-stuff sack used to keep things, specifically food items and anything that can have a strong odor and can attract a bear. Any foods or even water bottles that have contained fruit drink mix in them at any time are placed within the bags including toothpaste and soap. The idea is if the bears cannot reach the items, they will not be tempted to venture too close to the camp and thus won't be a danger to humans or themselves.

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20 votes
4 answers

Bear bags vs Bear canisters: which is better?

Most people I know and myself store food in bear bags. However, I have heard that some parks have banned bear bags and require canisters. I've also heard there is a bear in New York that has figured ...
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Do I still need to hang my food if I have two large dogs?

I have two large dogs - a German Shepherd and a Presa Canario. I hike alone with my dogs in black (not grizzly) bear country. Do I still need to hang my food? Or will the three of us be able to ...
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Do bear-safe rules still apply in the winter?

I understand, and practice, bear-safe rules like hanging (or canister-ing) during summer months, but what about in the winter when bears are (theoretically) hibernating, and the shorter / colder days ...
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What are the critical dimensions to a safe bear-bag?

Many outdoor areas that have bears have bear bag-lines setup for hikers. In situations where the bear-bag line is not there or it is full, what dimensions should I keep in mind to protect my goodies ...
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