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Questions tagged [bear-spray]

Questions about bear spray and its uses

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5 answers

Bear spray vs. rifles against polar bears?

In Svalbard, the arctic archipelago administrated by Norway, anyone leaving Longyearbyen is required to carry a rifle for their own safey. For grizzly bears, Wikivoyage recommends that Bear repellent ...
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How effective is wasp spray on bears?

I've been hearing that a lot of people are recommending wasp spray as a bear repellant. Proponents argue it has a longer range, and is more accurate to aim. How effective is wasp spray as a bear ...
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How do you get bear spray off skin and or gear?

Let's say that you are out backpacking and a bear spray canister accidentally goes off and gets on your skin or in your eyes or onto your clothing? It can't be a pleasant experience as it is meant to ...
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How effective are pen launcher bear bangers compared to bearspray?

So pen launcher bear bangers have apparently been around for quite a while, the training video for Truflare looks like something from out of the 90's, but they don't appear to be very popular, and I ...
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Under what conditions can a guide be highly confident of protecting clients against brown bears without using firearms?

A friend travelled to Alaska last summer, and took several guided trips in areas with large brown bear populations. In each case, according to his report, the guides were armed only with bear spray. ...
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Is it ok to take the safety catch off my bear spray and point it at unleashed guard dogs immediately outside the owners house?

Yesterday I was walking through a small Hamlet in southeast Slovenia and was confronted by two angry unleashed guard dogs, one large in size and one medium. So I held my trekking poles by the lower ...
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Warning shot in bear encounter? [closed]

I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experiences with guns and/or bear spray in combination, instead of just carrying one over the other? How have bears reacted to warning shots? We backpack in ...
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