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Questions relating to specific or unusual behaviour shown in birds.

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Why are vultures attracted to rubber on vehicles?

I was looking up some things for some of our recent questions when I saw this line in the safety guide for Everglades National Park, Vultures are attracted to the rubber on vehicles and have been ...
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How common is it for a mother duck to adopt ducklings?

There is a recent story of how one mother duck kept adopting more ducklings that weren't hers and eventually ended up with 76 ducklings. This is called "brood amalgamation", how common is it among ...
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White Throated Magpie Jay - Costa Rica

My wife and I have been watching these magpie Jays for a while and I was just wondering what if all would be the purpose of the plume on their heads. It's strange in it's a single strand with a few ...
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Are swifts flying around my window trying to "scare me"?

I recently moved to a previously inhabited house. I have a window in the first floor. Sometimes, when I open it and lean outside on it, a pack of 4 swifts come and start to fly "aggresively",...