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Questions tagged [birds]

Egg laying, two legged, warm blooded, vertebrates with feathers. Use this tag to ask questions about our feathered friends.

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What can I do with a lone young cardinal I found in my yard?

A pair of cardinals have nested in my yard for years. Yesterday found a young one in the yard, made it comfortable, just didnt want a cat to get it. Still alive, cant fly. What to do?
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Why are vultures attracted to rubber on vehicles?

I was looking up some things for some of our recent questions when I saw this line in the safety guide for Everglades National Park, Vultures are attracted to the rubber on vehicles and have been ...
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Need help identifying a sound

I wondered if anybody could help me identify the animal producing the sound that I just about managed to record with my phone (it was extremely quiet, so I apologize for the low quality of the ...
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From which kind of bird is this feather?

Found this in our yard. Curious of what type bird it may be from. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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Is this a house sparrow fledgling? (Found a bird in my garage)

I left my garage door open for about an hour last night on a windy day, and I later heard incessant chirping inside Apparently, this fledgling somehow go into, and was trapped, in an old bag over 18 ...
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How much room do blue birds and wrens need to perch on?

I'm thinking I lost the bottoms to 16 bird houses (8 of each) and am needing to cut them again. How much room will the birds need to perch on if I make new ones that fold down this time rather than ...
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