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Questions related to anchors used for all types of boats and watercraft.

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Did classic anchors work even if they didn't reach down to the bottom of the sea?

I've long been wondering about this, but couldn't read myself to the answer. I'm talking about the classic, large iron anchors on large ships "back in the day". It seems to me that there ...
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1 answer

Ways to pull up a stuck anchor?

There have been times where I have been on my friends pontoon boat in an average lake and we would drop anchor to go fishing but struggle to get the anchor out of the water. On some occasions, we had ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Drift fishing vs anchor fishing?

When bay/inshore fishing from a boat, one can drift fish (where you let the tide carry your boat) and anchor fish (where you anchor your boat to one spot). Besides the obvious, what are the ...
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How to anchor a raft on a river

The past couple years I've been taking a homemade raft out onto the Charles River in Boston to see the fireworks on July 4th (think an old boxspring mattress holding 4 people). One problem we always ...
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How should I check that the anchor is secure when I anchor a small yacht off unfamiliar land?

When sailing I may anchor in a different bay each evening and take a dinghy in to land to sleep in a tent overnight. I always worry that when I wake up in the morning the boat may no longer be there....
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