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How high need a concrete wall to be so bears can't climb it

This question is a bit similar with how high does a fence need to be to prevent European brown bear to climb it? question but not exactly (that one specifies a fence, and needs to provide vision and ...
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Giving honey to a bear?

Recently some brown bears appeared in my region. Should we encounter one, is it a good idea if we opened a jar of honey for the bear so we would have time to leave?
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Do black, brown/grizzly or polar bears ever prey on humans?

Do bears, as opposed to defending cubs, being startled by humans, or trying to get into food, ever decide to prey on humans? As in stalk, kill and then eat them?
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Under what conditions can a guide be highly confident of protecting clients against brown bears without using firearms?

A friend travelled to Alaska last summer, and took several guided trips in areas with large brown bear populations. In each case, according to his report, the guides were armed only with bear spray. ...
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