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Questions tagged [bugs]

All types of creepy crawlies which bite, agitate, or fascinate those enjoying the great outdoors.

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My bees have a mite infestation but not sure whether they are Varroa Mites

There is a slight infestation of a type of mites (I'm not sure whether they are Varroa Mites). I would like to seek some expert opinion regarding this kind of mites that take over in the bee colony. ...
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What is this just-hatched black caterpillar with white and black hairs, found in India?

Can anyone tell me which caterpillar this is? Its body looks black and it has hairs that are white and black, with a little bit of brown. It was on a utensil which was kept in a dark place. I ...
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Why do mosquitos prefer my right arm?

I just got back from a 5-day backpacking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota and the mosquitos were insane. Like a fool I didn't take the reports seriously enough before I went (...
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Does anyone know what bug this is?

I have found these bugs around my house on walls and 2 of them in my bed on separate occasions, i have been told they are not bed bugs as they are bigger and have wings but not seen them fly, they ...
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Are there red and black wasps (or bees?) in the south of Italy?

Unfortunately I've lost the photo :(, but hopefully the description will be enough. I've seen 4 or 5 of these animals flying in and out of a hole in the ground that rises vertically on the side of a ...
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What is this bug?

The bug is about the size of a ladybug its black with gold spots and legs? It also seem to have wings and seem to have a smell that's quite nauseating
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Tiny, round black bug found in bed twice

I found a black bug like this on two separate occassions on my bed, both times about morning to midday. I live in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada though not near any major wooded areas. The first time I saw ...
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