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Questions tagged [cameras]

For questions regarding the use of camera equipment outdoors

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1 answer

Hummingbird Cam?

Has anyone found a mini video camera that would work for spying on my little hummingbird friend? This is not the first year she's been there. As you can see, she's found a great little spot, right ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What kind of a GoPro/tripod mount can attach the camera to a helmet with screws?

I'm looking to install a GoPro camera on my helmet, but I would like to screw in the mount rather than using adhesives as I don't trust them to be reliable enough. But when I search for helmet mounts ...
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16 votes
4 answers

Can I use a trail camera to identify a roadside litterer?

The roadside in our semi-rural area is relatively litter free. With very few exceptions, it can be easily picked up with one hand, and is not gross. But one litterer is getting to me. He (or she) ...
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How to keep a trail camera from being stolen?

Trail cameras are setup up on trails to take pictures of wild animals when you aren't around. The problem with that is that other people may find them and may be tempted to steal them. How can I ...
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